About PAC™ Skills



Positive Approach to Care skills are common-sense, practical skills to use with anyone living with brain change.

What are the PAC™ Skills?

  • Relationship before Task
  • Know your agenda, don’t show your agenda
  • Positive Physical Approach® (PPA™)
  • Positive Personal Connectors (PPC)
  • Positive Action Starters (PAS)
  • Hand-under-Hand® (HuH®)
  • Assisting with rather than doing to
  • GEMS® states identification
  • Adapting approach for situation or GEM
  • Becoming a Sapphire, flexible and fluid

PAC™ skills are taught and practiced during the 6-hour workshop!

Techniques to be used to optimize care for those with Dementia.

“People with Dementia are doing the best they can. Caregivers are responsible for changing their behaviours to improve the care of people with Dementia.”

~Teepa  Snow.