Dementia 101



About Dementia

Dementia is NOT a diagnosis, it is a condition that covers many different types, forms, and causes of brain changes.

Four Truths of Dementia:

  • At least 2 parts of the brain are actively dying.
  • It is progressive (always changing – chemistry then structure changes).
  • It is a chronic condition (there is no cure or treatment that will stop, turn around, or fix it).
  • It is terminal (but so is life!).

Normal VS Not Normal Aging

Often people wonder is this normal or not normal?  

Normal Aging…

  • Slower to think
  • Slower to do
  • Hesitates more
  • More likely to ‘look before you leap’
  • Know the person but not the name
  • Pause to find words
  • Reminded of the past


Not Normal Aging…

  • Can’t think the Same
  • Can’t do like before
  • Can’t get started
  • Can’t seem to move on
  • Doesn’t think it out at all
  • Can’t place the person
  • words won’t come- even later
  • Confused about past/present


*Ensure to make an appointment to discuss concerns with your doctor as soon as possible. Some treatable conditions can produce similar symptoms to dementia.