There are five critical areas of brain health: Socialization is one of these areas. As a person ages often isolation and socialization take a back seat. It is so easy just to kick back and watch some tv or pretend to be social on “social” media. Checking FaceBook is not socializing!

“Research teaches us that humans who isolate or segregate have a higher risk of dementia than those who remain integrated with society.” Dr. Paul Naussbaum, Ph.D. states this as an opening statement in chapter5 of his book “Save Your Brain”. As we teach and facilitate the new program “Stay Sharp”, working with people who seek to have fun and integrate with others who are interested in congregating to play games, we are excited to find a positive atmosphere and a willingness to share time with people who begin as strangers. Just yesterday at the class one woman exclaimed at the end of the class, “I didn’t feel like coming today and had to make myself and I am so glad I came. I feel so much better.” I “feel” … the interaction of playing mind games, chatting and laughing created a new feeling.

Get active … in any way makes a difference.

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