1. Do you only deal with Seniors?

No. Our services are available for anyone who may need assistance with home support or personal care. Our caregivers are experienced and well-trained in delivering care to individuals of all ages.

2. Are there any subsidies available for Home Health Care?

YES.  Every situation is different.  You may be eligible for subsidized services depending on your situation. One of our knowledgeable case managers would be happy to assist you with this.

3. What are your staff’s credentials?

Our staff has a mix of backgrounds. Ranging from Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists to Personal Support Workers. All of our care is Nurse Case Managed to ensure that our care is always relevant to our client’s needs.

4. Are your caregivers bonded?

Yes.  All of our staff go through stringent Vulnerable Sectors police screening and have up to date CPR training so you are always assured that your loved ones are in good hands.

5. Are you an approved VAC (Veterans Affairs) provider?

Yes. If you are a veteran our services may be covered.

6. Will I have consistency in the caregivers I receive?

Yes.  We strive to provide you with a consistency of caregivers so that you can develop a relationship with the people who come to your home.  We always try to assign the main caregiver and introduce a backup caregiver to support as needed.

7. What happens if my Caregiver is sick?

If one of our caregivers is sick, we will not send them into our client’s homes.  Often another caregiver will be assigned to cover shifts while your caregiver is unable to work.  This is why it is important to have back-ups in place.

8. Can I choose the times that my caregiver visits me?

Yes.  It is your choice.  We will work with you to assign care around your schedule. 

9. Is there a charge for an initial Nursing consultation?

NO.  There is no charge and no obligation for the initial in-home nursing consultation. This is a critical part of our service and allows us to get to know you and to help you understand your choices for care.

10. Do you provide services to people in LTC or retirement homes?

Yes. All of our services can be provided to no matter where you might be.

11. Do you communicate with family members?

YES.  It is our pleasure to communicate with family members. We communicate with designated family members as needed and as requested. We have a strict privacy policy with regards to who we divulge information to and it is very important to establish ahead of time who should be contacted and in what capacity.

We also have a secure on-line portal that allows family members to view care plans and notes at their leisure and communicate with the office via e-mail.

12. Do I have to enter into a contract?

No. With the exception of Live-in care, all of our services are entered without a contract so you have the flexibility to choose what you need when you need it.

13. What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a shift for any reason, we ask for 24 hours notice so that we can advise our caregivers of the change and redirect their services to other clients.  Shifts cancelled same day (under 24 hrs notice) will be billed as if the shift occurred.

14. What is the cost for service?

Memories+ Home Healthcare Services strives to be the first choice in all your healthcare needs and as such are very competitive in our pricing.  As we have so many different services available, it is difficult to list all of our prices and packages. 

Most of our in-home services are $30 per hour or less and all of our services include nursing case management at no extra cost.

Our Live-in services are generally in the range of $15 per hour when a live-in contract is entered.