Memories+ and PAC(tm)



Positive Approaches to Care(r)


Memoires+ Group is committed to changing the culture of dementia care that we offer. We understand that it takes a joint community effort to change the culture of dementia care and the stigma around dementia in our community. We look forward to increasing dementia awareness by sharing PAC™ knowledge and skills with our community members and organizations.

Our organization has taken steps to implement the teachings about dementia by Teepa Snow and the Positive Approach to Care® methods. We now have access to a PAC™ Certified Independent Trainer Professional to guide learning and skills as supported by his or her certification type. While we are inspired by the content and methods included in a PAC™ Certification, our organization is solely responsible for the use and implementation of the approved content from PAC™.

Anna Malfara, 

Gerontological Nurse, PAC Certified Independent Trainer

As a practicing nurse for 20 years certified in Gerontology from the Canadian Nursing Association, Anna has worked closely with older adults in hospital, community, outpatient Parkinson’s ambulatory clinic, and in an Adult Day Program environment. 

She has developed a deep understanding on how compassionate supportive care, education, creditable tools/resources, and shared experiences can positively empower patients and their loved ones facing individual challenges. 

Anna’s mission is to share the knowledge and skills learned through her PAC Certification with all the frontline line staff at Memories+ Group, caregivers of people living with dementia, and other community organizations to develop dementia awareness, change the culture of dementia care and the stigma around dementia in our community.