Positive Physical Approach™ (PPA) and Hand Under Hand™ (HUH)



This workshop focuses on Positive Approach to Care “care partnering” techniques, including Positive  Physical Approach™ (PPA) and Hand Under Hand™ (HUH). These newly learned skills enable care partners to shift from simply “dealing with the behaviours” to creating a positive and caring environment.  Learners develop observational skills needed to recognize signals of “unmet needs and growing distress”  in the person they care for and respond in a way that reduces anxiety and improves the quality of life. 

Workshop Objectives: 

  1. Apply Positive Physical Approach™ (PPA) and Hand Under Hand™ (HUH) in everyday situations. 
  2. Describe the importance of doing “with”, not “to”. 
  3. Demonstrate observational skills necessary to recognize and address unmet emotional and physical needs. 
  4. Describe and demonstrate ways to help the person being cared for feel productive and valued. 

Methods of teaching: 

The workshop includes a combination of lecture, discussion, role-play, group interaction, case discussion, and problem-solving among learners to actively engage learners in the content. Video training, handouts, PowerPoint presentation, and role-playing may be used throughout the session. The workshop facilitator is a Certified Positive Approach to Care Trainer and is qualified to facilitate workshops and train others in the PAC philosophy.