Tips on getting a loved one to accept help



Tips on getting a loved one to accept help:


Accepting homecare can be difficult for someone who has been independent their entire life, but there are approaches that can help.

Remember to always be patient, and try to keep the following suggestions in mind:


  • Frame things differently: Sometimes people are more able to accept a caregiver’s help if it is framed as something that will benefit the family caregiver.
  • Introduce the idea slowly: Allow ample time for processing and acceptance.
  • Ask your family doctor: Often people will listen to their doctor. Ask your doctor to suggest a plan that includes an in-home care provider.
  • Offer a trial period: Your loved one may be willing to try engaging with a caregiver if they feel they have the freedom to change their minds.
  • Start out small:  Sometimes starting a caregiver with household chores and home support tasks rather than personal or “hands-on” care will help break the ice.  Build trust and slowly introduce additional forms of care as familiarity and comfort grow.
  • Review other options: Help your loved one to visit a few nursing homes as a way to explore their options. Many people would rather stay in their homes and may be willing to accept the help required to stay there